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Beer musings

Mondays suck.

We all know this. But fortunately there are ways to smooth out the rough edges of life. An easy way to smooth out a day begins with a great beer. Today we’re tasting on some really fantastic beers: Delirium Nocturnum, Anchor Old Foghorn, and the Lindemans Framboise.

Delirium Nocturnum is a beautiful Belgian Strong Dark ale. This style is personified by a strong malt forward presence with spice notes coming from the yeast. You frequently get boozy dark fruit and molasses qualities from this style.

Anchor Old Foghorn is a smooth American style barleywine. Barleywines are another malt forward style that originates in England. American style barleywines have a stronger hop profile than the original British version. This serves to balance out the malt sweetness. The Anchor version has a lovely earthy characteristic to the hops with a nice bitter bite.

Finally, the Lindemans Framboise is a stark departure from the other beers. A Belgian lambic style beer, it is personified by being deliberately exposed to bacteria that sour the beer. Typically lambics are brewed and inculcated with the bacteria then aged in barrels for up to three years (sometimes more). Lambics are blended with mashed fruits to give them extra flavor and sweetness. After aging a master brewer will blend the aged beer with a sweeter fresh batch to achieve an optimal sweet versus tangy profile. They make excellent dessert beers and are great to use in cooking.

So there you have some tasty treats to elevate your otherwise dreary Monday to a better plane. Come get a magnificent cut of meat and a delicious barley beverage at Bottle & Bone tonight!