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Merry Old English Ales – Beer Goggles this week

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Hey folks! This week we travel across the pond (by way of delicious ale) to merry old England. Home to many of the great styles of beer we enjoy today, England has much to teach us about the wonders of barley. Join me this Thursday evening as we journey through its rich ale heritage.
The lineup is:
Theakston Old Peculiar
Hobgoblin Dark Ale
North Coast Old Rasputin
Trim Tab Nilbog
Southhampton Burton IPA

As always the cost is $10 and you get a $10 credit towards the purchase of beer of my Wall of Awesome. Event starts at 6:30.

Belgium? I hardly know um! – Beer Goggles this week

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Hey folks! This week we travel to Belgium through the magic of barley. This week’s class examines what makes Belgian style beers so special.

The lineup this week:
Poperings Hommel
Ommegang Witte
Chimay White
Boulevard Tank 7
Gulden Draak

As always, it’s Thursday at 6:30, cost is $10 which becomes a credit towards a purchase of beer to take with you! Reserve your spot in advance here.

Snake in a can!

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It’s no gag and no joke, Good People Snakehandler has arrived! This double IPA will make you a believer. It’ll have you dancing in the aisles. But just don’t get snakebit…

Beer Goggles Classes in the new year

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Hey folks! Just your friendly craft beer cyborg checking in to give you the skinny on the upcoming series of craft beer classes. I have put together a journey through the world of barley (and a few apples) that will take us to many far off (and a few oddly familiar) places.
The classes will go as follows:

Always Look on the Light Side of Ale
Join the Dark Side
Belgium? I Hardly Know Um!
Merry Old English Ales
Round the Cape: The Pale Ales That Went to India
Big Bad Apples
Eat Your Wheaties
Cyborg’s Choice (it’s gonna get weird and delicious)

I’ll be posting the beers for each week’s class at the beginning of the week.
Classes will start Thursday Jan 15th at 6:30pm (and each following Thursday thereafter) and should run about an hour.  Classes will be limited to 15ppl max, sign up early to assure you a seat.
The cost is $10 BUT those who attend the class will get a $10 credit towards the purchase of beers off my Wall of Awesome (the craft beer shelves).

Hope to see you there!

Buy tickets>>

Oh Christmas beer, oh Christmas beer…

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Thy hops are so enchanting!

Hello again. Your friendly craft beer cyborg here bring you glad tidings of good beer. This Thursday we’re tasting on Christmas beers! The lineup this time is: Fantome de Noel, Victory Old Horizontal, Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale, Anchor Christmas 2014, Boulevard Nut Cracker, and Sierra Nevada Celebration. These beers are amazing tasty treats and I know you’ll love them. The tasting costs $10.

Thursday, December 18 at 6pm.

Beer Education 101 – the beers

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Greetings beer lovers! Beer Education 101 is upon us this Thursday at 6pm. I wanted to give everyone the lineup so you can ponder on them. We’ll be sampling:

Bell’s Oberon

Dale’s Pale

Sweetwater IPA

Rocket Republic Brown

Anchor Porter

Good People Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Trim Tab Olde Ale

Lagunitas Pils

I believe these beers are excellent examples of core styles of beer that you’ll find just about anywhere you go. So bring your taste buds and an open mind as we discover the magic of beer!

Spots are still open. $15

Click here for tickets

Beer musings

Mondays suck.

We all know this. But fortunately there are ways to smooth out the rough edges of life. An easy way to smooth out a day begins with a great beer. Today we’re tasting on some really fantastic beers: Delirium Nocturnum, Anchor Old Foghorn, and the Lindemans Framboise.

Delirium Nocturnum is a beautiful Belgian Strong Dark ale. This style is personified by a strong malt forward presence with spice notes coming from the yeast. You frequently get boozy dark fruit and molasses qualities from this style.

Anchor Old Foghorn is a smooth American style barleywine. Barleywines are another malt forward style that originates in England. American style barleywines have a stronger hop profile than the original British version. This serves to balance out the malt sweetness. The Anchor version has a lovely earthy characteristic to the hops with a nice bitter bite.

Finally, the Lindemans Framboise is a stark departure from the other beers. A Belgian lambic style beer, it is personified by being deliberately exposed to bacteria that sour the beer. Typically lambics are brewed and inculcated with the bacteria then aged in barrels for up to three years (sometimes more). Lambics are blended with mashed fruits to give them extra flavor and sweetness. After aging a master brewer will blend the aged beer with a sweeter fresh batch to achieve an optimal sweet versus tangy profile. They make excellent dessert beers and are great to use in cooking.

So there you have some tasty treats to elevate your otherwise dreary Monday to a better plane. Come get a magnificent cut of meat and a delicious barley beverage at Bottle & Bone tonight!