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What You’re Missing: The Flat Iron Steak

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picjumbo.com_IMG_9934Most of us are familiar with the flank steak. A long, flat cut of meat from the cow’s abdominal area, the flank steak is common in Columbian and Asian cooking.*

But there’s another “f” in the world of steak you need to acquaint yourself with — the flat iron. Similar to the flank steak,the flat iron is beyond tasty and adds another element to your grilling repertoire.

The flat iron is cut from the chuck portion of the cow. The cuts from this area have excellent marbling, which lends flavor to the meat during the cooking process and ensures the meat retains moisture and flavor, provided it rests.

The cooking technique is similar to that of flank. Season your flat iron about 20 minutes before you are ready to throw it on the grill. Let that salt bring out the juices of the meat and dissolve. (This will ensure a nice crust and maximum flavor.) Get your grill nice and hot and sear the flat iron on both sides; about 2-3 minutes each. Be sure to let the steak rest for about 15 minutes. When you’re ready to serve, thinly slice against the grain of the meat.

Flat irons can stand alone with traditional sides, or  be sliced and served atop a fresh seasonal salad. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy its easy preparation and flavorful result.

We often feature flat iron steaks in our weekly butcher boxes. Check out this weeks’ offerings.

(*Information courtesy of Wikipedia.)

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