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Attention: Men with limited funds and short/patchy beards or clean-shaved faces

“Discover The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Growing Out Your Beard & How You Can Avoid Them”

Hi. My name is Dennis Lindsey and I've been experimenting with my beard for over 15 years.

And like you, I’ve struggled with itchiness, red skin, patchy hair growth and every other challenge you can think of. But I have to tell you… All of that frustration, failure, learning and hard-work has paid off!

I finally have my beard just right… and I love the style and confidence it gives me even more than I did when I started many moons ago.

All the optimizations I’ve done… the little habits I’ve picked up… and the countless techniques, tools and products I’ve tried… all of that has come together to make my beard exactly what I knew it could be.

My love for helping my fellow men is so strong that around a year ago I decided that I just had to share it with others.

So I began teaching and helping other men – from all around the country – take their beards to the next level.

And as I talked to these beginner, novice and sometimes expert beardsmen, I began to see a pattern…